News Feb 2001 - A belated Happy New Year to you all. We have had a great response for the Speed Challenge and an equally good response for the World Kudos Ranking; but watch out Europe... America and Japan will be competing for the top spot by the end of February :-)

Whats New?

  • The site is now complete - select from 27 ghosts, 9 exclusive Time Trials (they're harder than you think) or even create your own Time Trial...its up to you!

  • There are also some new Hints & Tips...time to take a driving lesson :-) and if you are looking for last months Tips, check out the January archive at the bottom of the page.

  • We will endeavour to bring you a challenging site but its up to you guys; please let us know what you think by using the MSR News mailing address found on the MSR News page.

Check out these tips on how to improve your performance in MSR

Driving Lessons

Lesson 1: Know your car.

FWD The most common car in MSR, handles great in all weather conditions but lacks the cornering precision of RWD and 4WD cars due to understeer. In general FWD cars are less powerful too, but when you are driving a powerful FWD car a good point to remember is to brake hard before corners and use the handbrake if you are in real trouble.
Test Drive Mitsubishi FTO, Fiat Coupe, Toyota Celica 99
RWD Without doubt the most fun cars to drive but not without risk. RWD cars tend to carry a powerful engine and when that power is transferred to the rear wheels you will require all of your driving skill to stay in control. When cornering, remember not to apply maximum acceleration to the rear wheels or they will lose grip and spin you out of control.
Test Drive Nissan Fairlady Z, TVR Chimaera, Ford Mustang
4WD The best of all worlds; 4WD does as it says, because all four wheels are used to drive the car driving is relatively easy so you can concentrate on other things, like shaving off hundredths of seconds off your times. Handling is easier but also more sensitive so be careful tackling circuits at high speed; you donít want to be sliding everywhere. Take chances, but know your cars limits.
Test Drive Audi TT/Roadster, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Lesson 2: Treat your car with respect.

Brake Your brake should be the primary stopping force; using this first will help you maintain maximum speed throughout any movement.
Handbrake Emergency use or 180 Degree corners only; the handbrake scrubs off too much speed to be of any use as a brake.
Acceleration The Dreamcast triggers are analogue so if you are using triggers then treat them as if they were pedals in a car. Apply varying degrees of pressure to reduce sliding, maintain speed and prevent donuts in high powered cars; do not just slam your finger on the trigger.
Braking Always brake hard and late; try to brake before turning your car into a corner or your steering may become locked.

Lesson 3: Be your car.

Combining the above should be instinctive to the player but just in-case you are having any problems follow these guidelines:

  • If your brake to control the direction of your car; use your handbrake again or power down accelerator if you feel you have misjudged the situation.

  • Keep your accelerator trigger pressed hard at all times and brake while the accelerate trigger is still pressed; this action allows you to focus on one trigger only and most of the time you main a greater average speed around the circuits.

  • Powersliding - This is where the Kudos is truly earned. Master the powerslide and you will feel a sense of complete control over your car. Speed and wide 90 degree corners is all you need; on entering a corner floor the accelerator and be prepared to turn out of the slide (opposite lock) to recover your racing line. The real skill lies in how long you can powerslide while staying in complete control of the car, all the time maintaining momentum and speed that is, if you want maximum Kudos?